Glazing for terraces, balconies and conservatory

We open spaces, the quality, guarantee for the future!

We would like to present you our sliding folding systems for closing and to divide spaces.

The demanding quality with that we develop our products and systems allow an easy installation and fitting.

The spaces are protected from weather changes, letting you enjoy a new room in your home.

The exclusive design of our glazing mechanisms VSC 10   VSP 15  /  VSPL 17   VSPC 18, allow the glass panels to slide smoothly on its rails in any angle between 90º and 180º the convertibility of the system leaves a free election on the opening direction, allowing interesting geometries.

The exclusive systems that VentaSol offers are specially indicated for terrace, balcony, conservatories, and gallery glazing. Its Installation is recommendable for new builds, balconies, winter gardens, and galleries. The high quality and control that deals with our products, guarantee a perfect use and function all year round in the new created space. When opened, a terrace keeps its personality and closed, it lets you enjoy a new room. VentaSol´s systems increase visibility and appreciate the room.

Get to know our products, and be advised from our professional team. Let VentaSol improve your lifestyle.

Exclusive design in glazing

The exclusive design of our VSP 15 horizontal sliding mechanisms allows the glass panels to slide smoothly on their rails at any angle between 90 ° and 180 °.

The versatility of the system leaves the choice of the opening direction free, thus allowing the creation of interesting and diverse geometries.

Exterior enclosures

The exclusive systems of Cerramientos VentaSol, S.L. They are especially indicated for the glazed enclosure of balconies, terraces, winter gardens and galleries.

Its installation is highly recommended for new construction works, glass enclosure of facades or creation and separation of interior spaces.

The high quality and controls that our products exceed, guarantee the perfect functioning and use of the new inhabited space throughout the year.

Aluminum and glass roofs for terraces

We manufacture aluminum and glass roofs for terraces.

Through individual creation you will receive the elegance of our ceilings to harmoniously adorn the facade of your house.

It will also protect itself from rain, wind and sun.

Custom glazing for balconies and terraces

Enclosures without vertical profiles of balconies and glazing of commercial premises.

Enjoy your balcony 365 days a year from now: rediscover your balcony and transform it into an oasis of well-being thanks to tailor-made glazing solutions.

With the glazing of balconies offered by Cerramientos VentaSol, creates additional living space.

Enjoy the fresh air on your balcony regardless of the weather.

With the glazing for terraces from Cerramientos VentaSol, you can satisfy your heart's desire to use your terrace all year round.

NEW Sauna with aluminum and glass structure

Designed and installed by Cerramientos VentaSol,

Magnificent self-supporting aluminum pergola combined with a folding sliding glass curtain without vertical profiles on the side,

Fixed glass on the front, Sauna with sea view.

Installation carried out in Moraira by the Cerramientos VentaSol team, Specialists in Glass Enclosures.

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Glass enclosure designed for your bar or restaurant

With glass curtain highlights the individuality of your bar or restaurant.

Restaurants are generally located in the central and busy streets of cities, which means that their appearance must be appropriate.

You must take care of the comfort of the visitors even giving a unique presence to the finishing of the building.

Canano Restaurant Photo in Denia

VSTF terrace roof with glass and glass enclosure

Cover with aluminum profiles for modern or classic terraces in white, matt black RAL 9001M or matt anthracite RAL 7016M manufactured and assembled by Cerramientos VentaSol, with laminated or chamber safety glass.

We offer our service to install your aluminum deck for the patio or terrace of your home.

Possibility of installing a verandah awning outside the roof, you will receive a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

System imported from Germany.

5 year warranty

Enclosures VentaSol gives a 5-year warranty on all types of glazing.