Glazing for terraces and balconies

We are specialists in enclosures for terraces and balconies. The rapid opening and closing of our rotating sliding system allows you to react to the weather.

Expand your living space without annoying vertical frames, you will be able to enjoy your environment and be protected against wind, rain, dust, noise and annoying insects.

Transparency in its most beautiful form. Our rotating sliding system will increase the attractiveness and comfort of your home. Our system without vertical profiles, meets all the requirements in terms of a beautiful look, exquisite technique, safety and design.

Our tempered glass is available in 6, 8, or 10mm thicknesses. All hardware is resistant to time and easy maintenance. Its modern design and intelligent technique enhance the character of this system, which optically leaves the facade of your house intact.

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Glass Curtain Glazing that protects against the wind

Cerramientos VentaSol, is a manufacturer of glass curtains for balconies and terraces. Non-insulated balcony glazing that protects against wind, rain and noise or insulated balcony glazing that completely expands your own living space: Cerramientos VentaSol, S.L. offers the perfect solution for every design concept. Professional glazing for balconies, window experts and glass professionals from Ondara:

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Roofs for terraces

We manufacture aluminum and glass roofs for terraces. Through individual creation you will receive the elegance of our ceilings to harmoniously decorate the facade of your house. It will also protect itself from rain, wind and sun.

Modern contours

  • Long lasting for being aluminum constructions.
  • All colors according to the RAL chart
  • Because they are powder coated, it does not require painting anymore
  • Through plugins you can expand the surface

Through the possibility of built-in lighting, it will give it a special effect.

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Customized solutions in enclosures and glazing

Solutions adapted to your needs guarantee long-term customer satisfaction.

Excellent working conditions, the use of state-of-the-art technology and a staff with the best specialists are the requirements that VentaSol has created to guarantee the long-term benefits of our clients. An essential point of our corporate philosophy is to open new markets as well as the development and expansion of our product range.

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Where can I install the glass curtain?

- Balcony glazing - Glass curtain for bioclimatic pergola - Glass enclosure for a terrace - Glass curtain for a porch - Rotating sliding glass - folding - Glass curtain for restaurant façade - Sliding glass for greenhouse - Glazing for swimming pools < strong>

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Glass curtain for bars and restaurants

With Glass Curtain highlights the individuality of your Bar or Restaurant. Restaurants are generally located on the busy, central streets of cities, which means that their appearance should be appropriate. You must take care of the comfort of the visitors, even giving a unique presence to the finish of the building. Frameless glazing is an excellent example of a competent approach to organizing space. The ideal glazing for a restaurant can be characterized by the following adjectives: glazing from floor to ceiling, with an excellent appearance through the glass, opening in different directions at any time of year, with good ventilation.

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Gaskets for glass curtain

The frameless glass curtain glazing gasket is made of silicone or rubber (EPDM rubber). The gasket is placed on the glass edge, over time the silicone or rubber will wear out and will need to be replaced.

Replace glass curtain gasket
Our specialists can identify the type of gasket that suits the glazing of balconies, verandas, terraces and doors, find defects and if necessary, carry out the selection and replacement of rubber profiles between glass, as well as other accessories.

Care and prevention
In order for frameless glazing joints to serve for a long time, it is recommended that the rubber treat with silicone spray once every six months, clean the joint with a cloth and plain soapy water.

How to choose the right gasket for glass enclosures
For manufacturers of frameless profiles, the gaskets can have their own design. In order for our specialists to be able to select a sealant without visiting the site, it is necessary to see the type of the manufacturer's profile and have a sample of the joint.

To select the plastic gasket by our specialists, just send a photo of the samples by email ( or by instant messaging (Whatsapp +34 673 62 96 89).

You can buy gaskets for all types of glass curtains, glass doors and bathroom screens directly from our website and receive your order between 24 - 48 hours, shipping throughout Spain.

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