Cerramientos para terrazas Ventasol

martes, 19 de enero de 2021

Welcome to Ventasol...

We would like to present you our sliding folding systems for closing and to divide spaces.

The demanding quality with that we develop our products and systems allow an easy installation and fitting.

The spaces are protected from weather changes, letting you enjoy a new room in your home.

The exclusive design of our glazing mechanisms VS25, VS30 and VS35 allow the glass panels to slide smoothly on its rails in any angle between 90º and 180º the convertibility of the system leaves a free election on the opening direction, allowing interesting geometries.

The exclusive systems that VentaSol offers are specially indicated for terrace, balcony, conservatories, and gallery glazing. Its Installation is recommendable for new builds, balconies, winter gardens, and galleries. The high quality and control that deals with our products, guarantee a perfect use and function all year round in the new created space. When opened, a terrace keeps its personality and closed, it lets you enjoy a new room. VentaSol´s systems increase visibility and appreciate the room.

Get to know our products, and be advised from our professional team. Let VentaSol improve your lifestyle. Welcome to VentaSol.

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