Infrared heating - tempered glass panel

Infrared heating elements: modern and efficient

Natural radiant heat instead of hot air.

Cerramientos VentaSol can do more. VentaSol has been manufacturing and installing terrace glazing on the Costa Blanca for 19 years, and the company has already satisfied many thousands of customers. For three years, the company has been concentrating on a new product: infrared heating. The products of the German manufacturer are sold. The heaters are extremely flexible and adaptable, and a design element for every living room: they are available without a frame, with an elegant white or black glass surface, as an aluminum-framed mirror, with a beech wood frame or even as a painting. with a digital print behind the glass.

It is based on electrically conductive carbon fibers that are embedded between two glass or ceramic panels. When energy is supplied, these fibers emit comfortable infrared or thermal radiation. The floor, walls and ceiling directly absorb the emitted heat and release it again as radiant heat. One of the advantages of this principle is that it counteracts the formation of mold on the walls.

By generating heat by Heat-Line panels, the humidity remains largely constant; this is particularly nice for rheumatism patients, among other things. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief too: because the constant swirl of dust from conventional heating systems, air circulation and background noise from air conditioning systems, and uncomfortably dry air are a thing of the past!
In short: infrared is radiant heat that warms like the sun.

Maxi heat is available at a minimal price, which saves real money, around 60 percent of normal power consumption. Heat-Line heating elements are TÜV certified and of course MADE IN GERMANY!
There is detailed advice in the renovated showroom where you can feel the warmth of the infrared heaters and the warmth of the VentaSol team.

It is open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Ask for a budget without obligation for a tempered glass infrared heating panel.

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