VSC 10. All-Glass Sliding System

The new all-glass sliding system VSC 10 enables the individual parallel sliding panels to be moved horizontally to one or two sides.

On opening and closing the first sliding panel the other sliding panels are automatically opened and closed by integrated followers.

The floor-mounted construction means that wide openings can be achieved without additional roof supports.

The lower ball-bearing mounted carriages ensure optimum and smooth running of the individual sliding panels.

Height compensation of the ceiling rail up to 15 mm and height adjustment of the rollers up to 5 mm allows the sliding system to compensate for structural sagging of the eaves or a lintel without problem and permit quick and simple installation.


System information



  • floor-mounted sliding system
  • sliding to the left or right as desired


  • 15 mm panel construction depth
  • all-glass sliding system


  • with 2, 3, 4 or 5 track slide and guide rail
  • follower function for sliding panel means system is easy to use
  • floor rail with anti-slip coating can be integrated into the floor to provide an unobstructed living space
  • internal or external locking of the sliding panels using a lock (optional)
  • unpressurised drainage and easy cleaning due to optimum length of rails


  • glazing with toughened safety glass
  • panel structure of 8 or 10 mm


  • powder coating as per RAL
  • Eloxal as per EURAS
  • panel end caps in profile colour


The all-glass sliding system offers complete transparency. All sliding panels operate without vertical frame profiles. Slim elevation width of all profiles and panel end caps in profile colour ensure a homogenous appearance.


Maximum transparency, permanent ventilation and protection against driving rain are ensured by a 23 mm covering of the panels when closed.

Height adjustment

To compensate for structural variations the integrated rollers can be adjusted for height by up to 5 mm.

Height compensation

The ceiling rail adjusts to height differences of up to 15 mm.

Drainage and cleaning

A sloping floor construction and optimally shortened rail lengths permit unpressurised drainage and simple cleaning of the floor rail. The anti-slip coating ensures that the floor rail surface is safe to walk on.

Ease of operation

Smooth movement of the sliding panels by hidden rollers incorporating ball-bearings with noise-inhibiting contact surfaces.