VSPL 17. Folding systems with vertical profiles

Systems that bring you the nature to your home

This system provides transparency in its most beautiful form.

The closures without vertical profiles allow a free view to the exterior without altering the view of your facade.

Being closed the closure, it will protect against the wind, rain, noises, and powder. If you open it, you will obtain the space that you need.

These systems can be mounted quickly and without altering big things in your home.

Its assembly is possible in the most diverse geometric forms.


System information


Application environments

  • Balconies
  • Greenhouses
  • Porche
  • Division of spaces


Taking care of the optics the possibilities are really diverse. Leave us to advise you so we could offer you what you like.


  • Sewer grooves to evacuate to the exterior the condensation and cleaning water
  • Build-in lower guide
  • Double brush joints with plastic thread in the superior and inferior part of the panels
  • Resistant ironworks to the waste that don't need maintenance
  • Double blockade mechanism
  • Circular frames and vertical profiles in the union areas of the panels
  • Airtight increase
  • Noise reduction up to 20/ 28 dB
  • Lateral connection to the wall by means of vertical connection profile
  • Solidity increase of the panels
  • Ventilation though chink, or optional, through permanent lateral ventilation


  • Easy to mantain
  • Sturdiness
  • Easy to open and close
  • without annoying vertical profiles - free vision
  • ideal protection against wind and weather
  • it provides well-being at your home
  • it revalues the quality of life and the value of your property
  • the used material is recyclable