VentaSol Self-Supporting Pergola

The self-supporting panel pergola

Aluminum Pergola Structure combined with Self-Supporting Panel.
Wide range of colors from Glossy White, Carta Ral, Textured Ral, Anodized and Imitation Wood.

Lines that make it
attractive for its simplicity. High resistance structural profiles of our own design allowing up to dimensions of 6 x 6
with 4 pillars.

Possibility of installing side awnings, glass curtains, Led lighting, grass floors and others
accessories. Ideal alternative for pool solariums, car covers, residential terraces and leisure areas.

1. Easy and Quick to Install.
Thanks to its light load and ease of cutting/manipulation, the installer achieves very
in a short time to create a cover with all the guarantees of watertightness and rain drainage.
In addition to having an Installation Manual for the professional with anchoring details and
2. Price/Quality Relationship.
Direct materials from the Factory to the Professional, avoiding intermediaries and streamlining the process of
sale, makes our prices the most competitive on the market in regards to
self-supporting aluminum panels with high quality controls in aluminum sheet,
High-density polystyrene foam, special glue and protective film. In addition to
Have a wide variety of sizes and colors.
3. No Maintenance Needed.
Other traditional materials such as polycarbonate, glass or steel sheet suffer from
yellowing, breakage due to external causes or oxidation respectively. The Self-Supporting Panel in
Aluminum is a clean, strong and durable material.
4. Greater Thermal and Acoustic Insulation.
Due to the greater awareness of energy savings in the home. The enclosure requires a
comprehensive solution both in windows and in the case of the Aluminum Roof. Compared to
other materials such as polycarbonate or glass, our self-supporting aluminum panel has
an optimal thermal coefficient. That is, the owner can enjoy his deck throughout the entire year.
year protecting itself against salt corrosion, noise, snow, cold, heat or rain.
5. Delivery Time 5 - 7 weeks.
In white lacquers so that the professional can carry out the installation as soon as possible. Shipping
with high protection packaging, reviewed, labeled and photographed accompanied with a
Comprehensive insurance. Which allows us to reach the entire Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the
Canary Islands through specialized transport agencies.
6. 5-year warranty.
We offer with complete peace of mind a guarantee on the materials (lacquered and glued).
7. Attractive and Minimalist Aesthetics.
The finish of the ceiling is completely smooth on both sides without having to see annoying crossbars.
intermediate support. In this way the enclosure is reduced to the most essential.
8. White Reflective Gloss.
The lacquering of our panel helps to better clarify the space and take advantage of the
entry of light that comes through the vertical enclosures (glass curtains, insulating windows,
folding, sliding, etc.).
9. Reversible Union System.
Thanks to the tongue-and-groove joint profile made of fire-retardant PVC, the panel can be turned towards the side
exterior of the enclosure in case of suffering any bumps/scratches during installation, avoiding costs
10. Compatible Structure.
In addition to having a system of aluminum profiles (cover, channel, panel closure,
evacuation) fully compatible with sliding, glass curtains, folding, insulating windows,
etc Obtaining added value to your terrace, attic or business.

Photos Self-supporting Aluminum Pergola

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