Bioclimatic Pergola VSBIO 160


The VentaSol bioclimatic pergola has been designed and created with the purpose of taking advantage of your garden or terrace at any time of the year.

We give maximum importance to the quality of its finishes, the simplicity of its assembly and the robustness of its structure.

A bioclimatic pergola can cover part of the garden or terrace to enjoy this outdoor space all year round, both in winter and summer. It is an ideal solution for residential buildings and commercial premises such as bars and restaurants.

Unlike a traditional dining room, a bioclimatic gazebo has a cover with adjustable solar slats that create shade and allow air to pass through.

The structure of bioclimatic roofs fully responds to the principles of resistance and lightness even in climatic conditions with significant thermal amplitudes, presence of saline air or constant wind.

You can configure the VentaSol bioclimatic pergola to your liking, with a wide range of possibilities and adapt it to your needs.

We transform your outdoor space into a welcoming, comfortable and elegant atmosphere!

The bioclimatic retractable pergola

The bioclimatic retractable pergola BIO-Open

composed of an aluminum structure with adjustable slats that is activated by two electric motors,

and provides intelligent sun protection and natural temperature regulation, as well as protection against inclement weather.

Numerous configurations for this high-performance model.

With its light, compact and functional structure, BIO-Open- combines all the effectiveness of modern design with refinement

of minimalist architecture and that also has the most innovative technical resources.


ORIENTABLE BLADES The bioclimatic pergola is characterized by adjustable leaves that rotate creating the desired climatic comfort condition. With an automatic and silent handling, the sheets can be lifted or folded, taking advantage of completely natural external elements of light or shade, fresh air. The special sheets made of high quality aluminum can rotate from 0 to 140º in this way they regulate the temperature while maintaining heat in winter and cool the room in summer.

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Variety of configurations

STRUCTURES The bioclimatic roof structures depend on the place and space where the installation is to be carried out. Possible configurations:

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The best complement for the aesthetics and use of the extra space created with our personalized bioclimatic pergolas is the glass enclosure. A system of transparent tempered glass panels, in an aluminum structure characterized by a minimalist design and without elements of visual disturbances. The PVC gaskets placed between the glass sheets protect the structure from the infiltration of water, dust, wind and noise while guaranteeing transparency and aesthetic cleanliness.