Aluminum pergola with tensioned canvas


■  It is mainly characterized by the versatility and finish of the product,which allow superior protection, both from the sun and against rain and wind.

■  The structure and technical details, combined with the appropriate slope, ensure canvas tightness, which makes it a perfect product to take advantage of or rehabilitate terraces, gardens and new spaces, increasing both the time and quality of use.

■ Tensioned canvas that prevents 100% of water passage.

■ Possibility of including:

LED lighting integrated into the chopsticks with light power regulation.

Rain sensor

Wind sensor

Tensioned pergola awning

a new shadow to dream. we create new spaces, we renew sensations

Introducing TENXO, our pergola with automated awning. Light, simple and of high quality, it adapts to all types of situations and environments, achieving excellent results in performance and final integration. With a strong and elegant aluminum structure, we achieve great stability of the structural assembly, in addition to great fabric tension, through its automatic tensioning and an extra manual regulation, which allows us to withstand large gusts of air and offer water tightness. . Likewise, the TENXO series can be complemented with integrated LED lighting so that it can also be used at night or on cloudy days. Warm, low-consumption LED lights, with very careful aesthetics and with natural effect lighting. Private areas, gardens, restaurants, terraces... any environment is perfect for its placement. Protect it from the sun, wind or rain and enjoy every detail while getting the most out of it. Variety of fabrics, colors and finishes. Only with upper palilleras or with vertical awnings on the sides, on the fronts or with lateral triangular closures to cover slopes. Decide what you need and choose from all the TENXO SERIES options. Options intelligently developed to be adapted to any situation, creating a pleasant and fully personalized environment that will fit what you need.

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lateral triangles for the enclosure and finishing of the pergola.



- stretched canvas triangles (standard)

- triangles made of 2mm aluminum sheet

- triangles with aluminum substructure and sandwich panel

Vertical awnings

automated vertical awnings with window or with vertical dividers.







Glass curtains for TENXO pergola

vertical enclosure of folding or sliding glass for assembly and installation,



The structure study is necessary to ensure the stability of any glass enclosure model.