Manufacture and installation of awnings for terraces and balconies

Everybody likes summer. Summer is hot, sunny, relaxing in the open air. But the sun overwhelms, awakening the desire to take refuge from the hot rays, to seek shade.

Awnings are designed to create comfortable conditions for rest, protect people from heat, and provide comfort and freshness.

The industry offers a series of similar products, these are awnings for windows, awnings for balconies, terraces, commercial premises and rest areas.

It is not difficult to buy a ready-made awning, as well as to request its manufacture for your original project, but if you wish, for more detailed information you can make an appointment with the salesperson of Cerramientos VentaSol, we work throughout the province of Alicante, (Denia, Javea, Moraira , Altea ...)

Features and purpose
The awning is designed to protect from the sun, rain and, sometimes, the wind. Unlike other similar structures, it is easy to install and also removes quickly. This is achieved thanks to a special folding mechanism, which significantly simplifies the work and takes the installation and disassembly time literally a few minutes. Devices are sold with manual or motorized operation.

Despite the apparent fragility and weightlessness, the awnings are made of durable materials, which ensures high reliability and guarantees the durability of the products. With your help, it is easy:

create a temporary roof over the terrace of a cafe or restaurant
protect large commercial areas from the sun
create a shade on the terrace of a private house
organize temporary shading of balconies and windows
These lightweight structures are also used to create comfortable conditions for outdoor relaxation.

Variety of models
There are several types of awnings.

Each of them has its own characteristics, its own scope of use. The choice of this or that model mainly depends on where it will be installed. It's easy to guess that terrace awnings will have a completely different design than, for example, window awnings.

Extendable arms
Folding awnings of this type are perfect for shading large areas: terraces of private houses, commercial premises, summer areas of public catering establishments. The main advantages of this design are the ease of installation and an affordable price. The only thing that should be taken into account when planning the installation of an open-type model is that there should be an overhang on the wall where it will be possible to hide the folding mechanism from meteorological influences, or it will be necessary to additionally make a protective canopy.

Chests or semi-chests
Unlike open awnings, box awnings do not need additional shelter, since the main parts of the working mechanism are fully or partially hidden in a special box that protects it from the atmosphere. Thanks to this, there is no need to worry that the mechanism will jam at the most crucial moment, however such a design will cost a little more.

One of the most common types of awnings are retractable systems. This is a horizontal or sloped design with one or more folding guides and a winding system.

The main advantage of retractable models is the ability to quickly cover a large area and retrieve just as quickly.

When folded, the retractable awning is practically invisible on the wall, it merges with it. It is for this reason that this option is ideal for summer terraces and commercial premises. An added bonus: you can place advertisements, vendor information and the like on the web.

Canopies and Canopies
The main difference between the hood models is the shape. From the outside they look like an inverted basket.

This is why this option is the best awning for the window. The design is lightweight, has a spectacular appearance, provides maximum protection not only from the sun, but also from the rain.

As the name implies, the main objective of this model is to protect the display case from direct sunlight. But the scope of its application is not limited to this. The display canopy will look great over the entrance of the house or on the open balcony. In most cases, it is inclined, has several adjustable length stops, allowing you to change the angle of inclination in a wide range.

Other designs
In addition to the main varieties, there are a large number of original models. As an example vertical awnings with or without side guides are often used in bars and restaurants, called windbreak awnings.

For terraces, especially if constant shade is required, horizontal awnings are used. In essence, these are cloth ceilings on a rigid frame. Catering establishments often use palilleria awnings, a frame made of parallel bars or pipes over which the fabric is stretched.