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Because at this point we want to present you our wide range of awnings and bring you closer to the advantages and possible uses of an awning.

Cerramientos VentaSol offers you awnings with a wide variety of equipment features. Whether you want a swing arm awning, a half box awning, or a full box awning, you are sure to find the right awning.

At Cerramientos Ventasol we can also act according to your wishes and projects in terms of material, color, fixing options and size.

We can satisfy your request for optimal privacy protection, sun protection and a suitable element to suit your facade, your terrace but also your balcony in every conceivable way. Because here with us you will find exactly the awning you have always been looking for.

Still not sure which awning you need or what awning you can use?

Then use our comprehensive and competent advice. We not only recommend a model, but we also explain the advantages of the different variants and what type of awning best suits your project. You can take advantage of our advice by phone, email or directly through our live advice.

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Your order for VentaSol Enclosures will not only be an experience, but you will also receive the awning that adapts to your needs.


  • Seagull Simbac Installer
  • Stobag Installer
  • Llaza Installer


  • Straight Point
  • Articulated Arm Awning
  • Cassette Awning
  • Monoblock Awning
  • Palilleria
  • Stor Vertical
  • Vertical Awning with Window
  • Downpipe Awning
  • Windbreaker

Canvas Manufacturers

  • Sauleda
  • Dickson
  • Docril
  • Recasens


  • Somfy
  • Gaviota
  • Cherubini
  • Aceper

awning stor for balcony

AWNING STOR ■ Also known as a balcony awning.■ Its arms are 500 mm. They are fixed by means of hooks to the railing, allowing two different positions: Vertical position: the arms are retracted and the awning is fixed to the completely vertical railing. Inclined position: the awning is separated by 500 mm. of the railing with open arms.

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Vertical awning with Mao guides

VERTICAL WITH MAO GUIDES ■ Vertical awning system with aluminum guides.■ Designed as a windbreak for pergolas.■ It can be made with a transparent window.

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Vertical Wind Zip windbreaker with drawer and guides

WIND ZIP ■ Vertical system with 140x140 adjustable drawer, prepared for Ø85mm and Ø100mm tube.■ 2-body adjustable guide with different types of fixing, with Zip system zipper.■ Side covers with large union pin for greater resistance and structural strength.

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port side awning

PORTO SIDE ■ Cwith spring system and fabric self-winding. The canvas is collected in an aluminum box.■ It is especially suitable for small lateral enclosures, such as windbreaks.

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Straight point awning

STRAIGHT POINT ■ Also known as straight arm awning or cover.■ System with main application in windows, but also adaptable to all types of facades and balconies.■ Options:- Arm with tension or semi-tension: allows the awning to have greater stability against wind blows.- Box or semi-box: the folded awning is covered by the box or semi-box, allowing better conservation and a longer duration of the canvas.

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Articulated arm awning

ARTICULATED ARM ■ System with main application on balconies and facades.■ Also known as hidden arms, invisible arms, human arms or extendable arms.■ Its wide margin of adjustment in inclination allows it to adapt to the different needs.■ The Blenda model uses the double steel cable tension system.■ The Cuarzo model uses the hidden chain tension system■ The Mica model uses the tape tension, and has the possibility of incorporating leds to the arms.

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Monoblock articulated arm awning

MONOBLOCK ARTICULATED ARM ■ System with all the advantages of the BLENDA-M / CUARZO-M articulated arm and the robustness of the monoblock system.■ Allows the installation of auxiliary arms for greater safety and better canvas tensioning.■ It contemplates the possibility of placing various fixing supports along the anchor bar.■ Installation is done quickly and easily, thanks to the auxiliary bar system.

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Palillery awning - Pergolas

80 X 40, 120 X 120 and 40 X 40 PALILLERIA PERGOLAS ■ Also known as flat sliding awningsor palillería.■ Awning especially suitable for terraces and large surfaces.■ It has multiple mounting options:- Between walls - Wall / Goal- Double goal■ They are always made with a double stick for independent folds.

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TE awning

AWNING TERRACES RESTAURANTS ■ Large lacquered iron structure capable of covering up to 36 m2■ Perfect solution for outdoor terraces of shops, bars and restaurants.

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Aluminum pergola with tensioned canvas

ALUMINUM PERGOLA WITH MOTORIZED TENSIONED CANVAS ■  It is mainly characterized by the versatility and finish of the product,which allow superior protection, both from the sun and against rain and wind. ■  The structure and technical details, combined with the appropriate slope, ensure canvas tightness, which makes it a perfect product to take advantage of or rehabilitate terraces, gardens and new spaces, increasing both the time and quality of use. ■ Tensioned canvas that prevents 100% of water passage.

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